Fjälldrottningen (Swedish)

I got the question if I could make a documentary about Sofia, who had in mind to becoming a “Fjälldrotting” (Mountain Queen). The mission was to climb seven specific mountains in Norway. As she had accomplished that, she would be given the title: Fjälldrottning. We had 10 days in the middle of the summer to do all that; drive from Sweden, climb the mountains, and get back home. 

But as we came to Trolldalen in Norway we stumbled on a big problem. There was massive amount of snow on all the mountains, and this made the journey extremely more difficult.
Because of this, I was not able to join all the mountains because of the lack of time, and all the mountains had to be claimed in 5 days.
The odds where low, but we made it!

Now we are waiting for a new voice over for the documentary, and after that I can start making the final edit. So for now, this will be as a teaser.